Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shadows Summer Session

Saturday December 5th 7:30 pm
Ok, it's on. A week and a day after the final weekly screening (Matango see below) on November 27th we'll be throwing a party for regs and anyone else involving the following:

Red Flower Crescent live set.

General Assembly live set.

Screening of Maysles classic documentary Gimme Shelter about the Rolling Stones, the Hells Angels, a lot of bad drugs and worse vibes all of which mix up into the Anti-Woodstock.

This screening will be fairly low key as we want to kick off the end of year party feel after the live sets. We'll arrange it so that those who want to hear the proceedings on screen can do so by sitting closer and everyone gets to hear the fine live numbers by the Stones at their peak.

All up, this is a party rather than a screening or a gig.

Doors open at 7.30 pm (though this might change depending on the light) Watch this space

Thursday, November 5, 2009


December's on it's way and I need a break. I hope to resume regular screenings of Shadows from February 2010. Until then....

November 27th's screening of Matango will be 2009's final weekly Shadows screening.

Over December and January I will be hosting a number of more sparsely placed events which will be a mix of musical performance and rare music-themed films. At most I envision two per month for December and January. These will be more like parties than film nights, with the kind of films that folk can enjoy without giving up 100% of their attention. Some suggestions so far include:

Gimme Shelter: 1969, The Stones emerge from psychedelic hibernation to conquer the USA on a Beatle-free field. They get the anti-Woodstock, a grotesque hell of bad trips, Hell's Angels and murder.

Renaldo and Clara: 1978, Dylan's Rolling Thunder tour movie with some of the era's best music and worst acting (might be edited).

Rock and Roll Circus: 1968's tv special hosted by the Stones featured Marianne Faithful, John and Yoko, a blistering performance from the Who and a much better than its reputation set from the Stones themselves.

Punk in London: a German home movie of various gigs around London and some footage from one of the UK package tours. A brief scene of Siouxsie and the Banshees gathered around a jar scrounging for pills is priceless. Less than great visuals and sound but a great backdrop.

Anyway, further suggestions welcome. Send them through the email on this site or just leave a comment at the end of this blog entry. I'll compile such as I get and act accordingly. Watch this space for details.

Thanks to everyone who came along and supported this branch the new art house cinema experiawnce. It's been great and will be again next year, whenever, wherever. See youse at the party/screenings and keep this blog bookmarked. It ain't over yet.


PS -- Keep a very sharp eye on Dean's Time Capsules Thursday nights. The initial program is a stunner and can only continue to be. Now see here.