Thursday, December 30, 2010

O Happy New Year!

Went to see Milos at ABC today where he told me that he'd sold more paintings from the last exhibition than from any previous. This had encouraged him to investigate new materials and the results were on the walls. The morphing creatures were still there but now exploding with solar yellows and shocking reds. He's done fifteen since October and won't be slowing down soon. Another exhibition will be in the air soon.

Also, without my prompting he suggested the resumption of Shadows. Nothing in stone as yet but he wants the summer clear before he can get into it again so we're thinking March. Begin the year with an autumn collection. Well that's when I began in 09 and started weekly screenings last year. So why not?

I'm thinking one or two preliminary nights perhaps a fornight apart before the new programs and am happy to entertain suggestions as to what those screenings might be (assuming they eventuate).

Talks continue. Watch this space.