Saturday, March 10, 2012

Milos at large

Well, soon...

He's worried about regaining his ability to draw, he's completely sick of being in hospital, he has muscle strain from enforced bed rest over months and his former landlord is being a dick, but Milos is doing well, walking unassisted and with about 80% of his right arm control regained and looking the better for the 21 Kg he has lost while in hospital. After a few more tests he is finally ready to move out of the ward and into the lighter supervision of a share house in Northcote.

If you were inclined to help make his last few days in hospital bearable before he has to go out and learn yet a new set set of routines please do. He was saying they'd move him by Wednesday.

283 Cotham Road  Kew VIC 3101

(03)9272 0444 

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