Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Top 10 15/01/2013

Ginger Snaps: Rejigged a largely forgotten horror subgenre with a brave and fascinating angle, managing to be funny, effortlessly clever and, when it needed to be, scary. Remembers, too, that the best horror stories harbour real tragedy.

Peeping Tom: "All this filming can't be healthy." No it isn't. It's unsettling and leads to one of the most poignant finales of any horror movie ever.


Groundhog Day: Skillfully extended Twilight Zone style fable of learning to carpe that diem runs dizzingly on the power of its leads and a chemistry you'd never expect. If they make 'em like this any more I haven't seen 'em.

Eraserhead: Because it is what it is and evermore shall be so.
Berberian Sound Studio: Along with Peeping Tom, one of the most sobering expeditions into the treasures and horrors of the lightless caves of the violent imagination.

Apocalypse Now: A war story. A horror story. Neither generic. This means good.

The Birds: Ridiculed this as a kid when I saw it on tv. Didn't when I saw it on blu-ray.

Being John Malkovich: The cleverness that had me laughing even on hearing the synopsis of this one cannot hide the poignant and eerie love story beneath. 


Laura: Mid-Noir with cast at top of their game in this whodunnit of manners as society upstart of the title (a luminous Gene Tierney) appears in the testimonies of the suspects in her murder. High Manhattan was never so low.

Juliet of the Spirits: When Acid Met La Dolce Vita. This failed half of the audience I screened it to a few years back but also delighted half. There was a large late walk-in followed by a walk-out the same size. I think Fellini had directed the audience as well as the movie.

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