Saturday, January 18, 2014

Timecapsules reopening

Timecapsules, the film night that begat Shadows, is back. Yes, Dean has responded to demand and found a new venue and will set up shop from February 2nd. Yes!

Why you should be smiling:

The Melbourne arthouse scene was already ailing when he set up Timecapsules in the first place but now the smoke from its cremation is a sense memory beyond nostalgia. You need to see things that the mainstream discourages. Don't know where to start? Try here.

Dean curates this program, it's not just a series of cool flicks guaranteed to appeal. Don't expect good taste because that's just consumable group think; try what Dean brings to the table: EXPERIENCE AND CARE. Look at the program and tell me I'm wrong.

Said program  is a stunner. From some intriguing pieces from the rich garden of post-war Japan to documentaries on the Cuban revolution and the darkness that visited Vietnam and the celebrated satire Death of a Bureaucrat there's a wealth on offer. You will encounter the unfamiliar and the rewarding. It's for you.

I'm delighted to report that I've only seen one of these is the Shadows favourite Face of Another from the always fascinating Hiroshi Teshigahara. One of a series of tight collaborations between a writer, a director and a composer this film builds on what might have begun as a folktale and fashions from it a palace of cinexperience. Realist cinematography in one scene and an ambush of theatrical lighting design in the next, a music score like no other and a unique approach to the expression of extreme states which births images of eerie beauty, humor and good ol' WTF invention. All that and the opening dialogue delivered in x-ray.

That's just the one I've seen.

Click on the links here and find it on Facebook. Central location served by one of the longest reaching tramlines on the grid.

If you loved Shadows love this. Go ye!

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