Monday, May 14, 2012

TOP 10: 14/05/12

 Eraserhead: still the best

 Two or Three Things I Know About Her: Godard's mid point essay about contemporary life as prostitution. Works just as well now and is the first example I give of a fiction film that does not require narrative.

 The Sacrifice: Tarkovsky's sign-off. Saw it with group who complained about its slowness but I stopped listening as it continued to sink in.

The Thing from Another World: Christian Nyby/Howard Hawks 50s paranoia piece still holds enough real atmosphere and tension to work beyond any of its kitsch value. Great Hawksian overlapping dialogue.

 Life of Brian: not all satire is funny but this is, constantly.

 The Exorcist:  game-changing genre film that remains source material.

 Apocalypse Now: trip movie meet war movie :)+)

 Harvey: I tend to think that this is the kind of comedy that a gentler Diane Arbus would have made (the normal one would have made Santa Sangre)


The In Laws: Peter Falk and Alan Arkin at their best. "A ZEEE?!!!!"

 Little Murders: Alan Arkin's directorial debut has all the lightless laughter that Jules Feiffer wrote into it

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