Monday, June 11, 2012

Top 10: 11/06/2012

Taxi Driver: A chronicle of loneliness and its effect on its professors' sense of justice. Still fresh. Still extraordinary.

The Tin Drum: Best literal adaptation of a novel for the screen ever. Casting of David Bennent in the lead seems like a once-off.

Eraserhead: With its depth of imagination and creation of unique world, this is my favourite film.

The Changeling: Great subtle ghost story with wonderfully blustery lead performance by George C. Scott.

The Innocents: Another great ghost tale that uses a simple technique to create shivers: the ghosts look like people who should not be where they are.

Peeping Tom: Film about fear and its uses in child rearing. Almost killed it's director's career.

Picnic at Hanging Rock: Little happens. Little needs to happen. Ethereal Euro girls meet the big mysterious wild and get swallowed up by it. Beautiful atmosphere and genuinely creepy.

Halloween: Like a manual for boogieman movies. Almost bloodless it still manages to create a mounting dread. One of the most evocative music scores for the suggestion of menace ever.

Trust: Because of my avowed hatred of Wes Anderson's movies I get called out if I mention this as a favourite. I can see apparent contradiction; both have quirky characters who say weighty things in monotone and a big helping of whimsy. I just think that Hal Hartley at his best cares more about his characters than Wes Anderson. Anyway, I love this strange nonromcom with its wounded characters and motion against the grain.

Woman in the Dunes: Insect collector gets collected. The development of his relationship with his new circumstances and the forces that put him there is both banal and absorbing.

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