Friday, July 13, 2012

2012 MIFF picks


Wow! New titles from Sion Sonno and Takeshi Miike (who has 3 in this year! He must be up to one a fortnight by now) and a lot of stuff that sounds intriguing. As usual, I've kept to things I bet I'll like at the cinema and things that just have intriguing copy in the program. For me it's a holiday and I don't like my holidays too predictable.

Well, them folks at MIFF have certainly lifted their game this year by making the program viewable to all (but only actionable by members: well, they gotta get something for their membership). So it's been a lot easier to plan. Here, then are my sessions for the upcoming...

1006 Headshot Friday 3rd - Forum 1.30

1013 Robot and Frank Saturday 4th - Forum 11am

1031 Dark Horse Monday 6th - Forum 4pm

1047 Beasts of the Southern Wild  Wednesday 8th - Forum 9pm

6050 The Mirror Never Lies Thursday 9th - Acmi 11am

1061 Sightseers  Friday 10th - Forum 9.00

9067 Hara-Kiri Saturday 11th - Hoyts 4.00

1088 Pure Tuesday 14th - Forum 1.30

3091 Himizu Tuesday 14th - Russell 9.00

1097 No   Wednesday 15th - Forum 6.30
6102 Alois Nebel  Thursday 16th - ACMI 1.30

1111 For Love's Sake Friday 17th - Forum 6.30

1119 Sound of My Voice  Saturday 18th - Forum 6.30


But reeeeeally want to see a movie with meeeeee?

Just lemme know. I've kept most of the nights free as it's a holiday for me and going to the cinema during the day accentuates the stolen flavour of it. So if you think there's something I'd like that you're going to, lemme know. Always happy to book a few extras in there.

Otherwise might well see youse in a queue or o'er a cold 'un at the Fest Club.


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